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Secrets to Brain Success: Stimulating Your Creativity

Dec 03, 2018


Creativity is the key to being a better entrepreneur. Not only will improved creativity help you unlock your business potential, but it can also help you to find new ways of managing your brand. The smart entrepreneur will always be looking for new innovation, and finding creative ways to tackle modern business issues is more important than ever.

Consider the innovative solutions that led to the rise of Apple, Netflix and Amazon and you start to recognise the worth of creativity in the workplace. The problem is that people seem to believe that they are creative or not. The good news is that there are recognised ways of improving and unlocking your creativity, and doing so may elevate your business into something truly disruptive and innovative.

Use your brain

There’s a prevalent myth that left-brained people are more analytical than creative, but the fact is that we use both sides of our brains to be creative. Imagination will need both the realism of the left side, as well as the thoughtfulness of the right side. There are many ways to ensure that you are exercising and stimulating both sides of your brain. If you’re more of an analytical thinker, then it’s worth copying the techniques of famous creatives like Leonardo Da Vinci, who wrote his notes in mirror writing in order to gain a new perspective on his thoughts. Consider even minor changes, such as wearing your watch upside down, or switching to another desk in your shared co-working space to encourage the notion of thinking outside the box.

Creativity in share office space

Commit to learning

The more that you learn, the more creative you will become. If you commit to continuous learning and personal growth, you will be feeding your mind with new ideas, and that can be massively beneficial in your workspace. It’s essential that you explore new avenues for learning, and approach your growth with a broad mind. Read books by new authors and watch the news on a different channel so that you get a different perspective. Be more willing to try out new ideas and never dismiss those ideas quickly. Question the world around you and your creativity will grow naturally and beneficially. Develop vertical knowledge as well as industry-specific, and you will develop those creative ideas that could transform your career.

Take creative breaks

Staring at the same screen with no idea of what to write is a common issue for writers, but it also affects office workers. We have a habit of sticking with a challenging task until it’s completed, even if we are not making any progress. Reaching a dead end is very detrimental to both productivity and creativity. Give your brain space by breaking up your workload, and you can even set a timer so that you remember to take breaks at regular intervals. Spend some time walking around your shared office space and talk to other people. Complete a different, easier task between the more challenging ones, and you’ll find that your creativity may provide you with the answers that you will never find by simply staring at a blank screen.

Business originality

Business originality is the best way to build a stronger brand and can be the most critical tool your business has in its toolbox when it comes to industry disruption. Always be aware of the threat of creativity being stifled and adopt proactive strategies that will encourage lateral thinking. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the business leaders of today, then you will need creative ways to tackle the business issues of tomorrow.


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