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‘Mentoring for Growth’ programme launched by the London Growth Hub

Sep 06, 2018


Ambitious mentoring programme aims to pass the best of British business expertise on to the next generation of SMEs


The London Growth Hub (LGH) is seeking applicants for its ‘Mentoring For Growth’ programme. The idea is to select the capital’s most promising SMEs and pair them with some of the best and brightest of British business. Mentors have already been drawn from the UK’s top organisations, including the John Lewis Partnership, Siemens, and GSK.


Mentoring and growth


It seems a very simple idea – to give one business leader access to another, more experienced business leader. But sometimes the simplest ideas really are the most powerful. 

Prior experience and expertise are among the best resources a new enterprise can have at its disposal. There really is no substitute for the advice of someone who’s been there, done it, and knows the world of British business inside out. 

SMEs selected for the programme will be carefully matched with the mentor best placed to advise on their particular situation. The LGH hopes that mentoring will not only give selected SMEs a major growth spurt, but will also ensure that vital knowledge is passed down from one generation of businesses to the next. Feeding the grass roots of London’s business community like this will keep it vibrant and healthy for years to come.


Who can apply?


The programme is looking for SMEs in a strong position, with lots of growth potential. Applicant businesses must:

  • Have at least 20 full time employees
  • Have an annual turnover of at least £2million
  • Have strong turnover or growth ambitions 

On an individual level, applicants must hold decision-making capacity within the business.

If you’re interested in applying, click this link. The deadline for applications is 15thSeptember.