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How Your Workplace can Improve Employee Wellbeing

Mar 22, 2019


When we spend a vast number of our waking hours in the work place, bosses who prioritise the wellbeing of their team will find that their business only grows stronger as a result. Companies that recognise the need for a more improved wellbeing focus for their teams are highlighting the many benefits including:

  • Higher rates of productivity
  • Fewer absent days
  • Improved loyalty to the business

It makes focusing on employee wellbeing the smart strategy for business owners hoping to get more from their company and their workforce. 


What is Workplace Wellbeing?

Wellbeingrefers to how your workload and work environment affects your mental and physical health, and business owners are using these three methods to achieve the most beneficial work environments possible.


Better Work/Life Balance

Employee wellbeing is all about improving the quality of life and work-life balance for your co-workers. One of the best ways to do this is to let them take more control over when, where, and how they work. Everyone has responsibilities, and being able to reduce the pressure to meet those responsibilities without worrying about workloads is massively useful for both full and part-time workers. 

Being more flexible with your team over when their working hours should be will not only empower them but also shows them alevel of trust. It could mean allowing them to work from home or from a serviced office instead of stressing over the morning commute or allowing them to adjust their working hours so that obligations are more easily met. If you trust that your team will get the work completed by the deadline, then they will develop far greater loyalty and become much more efficient too. 

helping hands at work


Staff Development

From the people in the loading bay to the office cleaners to the members of your marketing team, nobody wants to feel as if their job has reached a dead end. Everyone will appreciate the fact that their employer is investing both time and energy into their personal development. This can be a simple process but could yield a lot of positives for a business.

Firstly, your staff will recognise your trust in them if you allow them to attend off-site seminars and training sessions, or let them adjust their timetables so that they can attend college courses. Your business not only gains their loyalty, but you also get to benefit from their improved skill sets too. Even something as simple as a monthly meeting to discuss their growth and future will go a long way to boosting employee wellbeing.


Greater Autonomy

Letting your team set their own goals is a proven way of increasing positivity in the workplace. Research has shown that by allowing your team to set their owngoals and agendas can have a dramatic effect on their overall wellbeing. It’s not just about goal-setting either. Encouraging your team to contribute ideas and suggestions is also incredibly effective. It’s vital that you find the right balance of course! There is a potential risk of undermining any core goals that your company has if you tackle this incorrectly, so it’s crucialthat you set those company-wide goals while granting workforces the autonomy to meet those goals in their ownway.

Smart business owners are choosing to prioritise worker wellbeing, and their workplaces are becoming stronger as a result. If you’re looking for ways to improve the strength of your team and your entrepreneurial efforts, then wellbeing could be the key to a greater future.